Hi everyone! My name is Isabel Steffens. I am a third year student at UC Santa Barbara studying Economics and Statistics. My project is focused on understanding how to optimize the college experience. Choosing where to attend college, and more importantly what to do while you’re at college, is a multi-faceted decision. I will perform quantitative and qualitative research to understand how individuals optimize their college experience.  Isabel Steffens photo

I am starting my project in Washington, D.C., where I am using an ethnographic method to research students here.  For the second part of my project, I will use data to explore how different factors such as public/private school, GPA, and major, affect future wages. I will use the software program EViews to analyze this data. For the final part of my project, I will explore how career centers and other resources within universities help students during and after college.
I am hoping my research project can help guide students throughout their time at college and allow them to optimize their return on investment of higher education.
Optimizing the College Experience, by Isabel Steffens

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