2017-18 fellows

2016-17 fellows

Alphabetical list of Raab Writing Fellows

Edward Amaro, 2018

Arman Attisha, 2018

Chelsea Brandwein
 & Erika Carlos, 2017 
All Worked Up: Inside the Lives of Working College Students

Ben Campbell, 2017
Mathematics and its History Retold for the General Public

Chris Chan, 2018
To Shout across Continents or To Whisper a Thousand Miles

Sarah Cifranic, 2018
Words of Reform: Textual Analysis of the Women’s Medical Journal and the Implications Surrounding Female Physicians in the 20th Century

Jonathan Cloughesy, 2018
Making Meditation a Habit: The Effect of a Self-Regulatory Strategy on Frequency of Meditation Practice

Alexandra DeSanto
, 2017
Nuisance, Convenience, or Assistance? The Rise of Emotional Support Animals and its Consequences – A Multimedia Project

Annika Erickson, 2018
The Power of the Midnight Oil: The Correlation Between Procrastination and Creativity in Upper Division Writing Courses

Matthew Garnica, 2018
Food Waste in California Universities

AnnMarie Griffin, 2018
The invisible identity: Influence of religion on the college student and community

Corinne Guichard & Stennalisa Tilcock, 2017
Spectrum 60th Edition Anthology

Taylor Jackson , 2018

Quincy Lee, 2017
Meeting of the Waters

Michael Loose, 2018
Methods of Communication for the Women of Bletchley Park: A Digital Humanities Approach to Class and Language

Margaret Maccoun, 2018

Andrew McMaster, 2017
Entering the Driver’s Seat: College and Growing Into Independence

Ricardo Moreno, 2018
In the Background

Gabe Runte, 2018
A Contemporary “Land Ethic”: Inspired Voices in the Age of Climate Change

Jasmine Salik, 2018
A Sustainable Future

Wendy Santamaria & Sudeep Dhanoa, 2018
The United States of ALEC: Dismantling the Exploitation of the 99%

Kirpa Singh, 2018
Diving into Mental Illness

Isabel Steffens, 2017
How to Optimize the College Experience

Ali Suebert, 2018
Girl Talk: Reducing Recidivism in the Female Juvenile Prison Population

Komal Surani, 2018
STEM Majors and Creative Writing

Amy Tsang, 2017
Hidden Villa of Isla Vista

Erika Wadsworth, 2017
Faces of Homelessness

Jonathan Wallace & Kailyn Kausen, 2018

Gwendolyn Wu, 2018
The Lives of Lecturers: How University of California Adjuncts Survive