Hello everyone! My name is Allysa Foot and I will be the one spearheading the Kaleidoscope Project. What exactly is the project all about and what is its purpose?

allysa foot

The project is basically a twist on Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York with a focus on multiracial individuals. Essentially, I seek to promote visibility of the multiracial community within UCSB and provide opportunities for individuals who identify with the community to voice their personal experiences. The project aims to empower and connect members of the multiracial community together and create a space in which people can comfortably share their narratives with others. As someone who identifies as multiracial, I’m always so excited and interested in hearing about the diverse and various stories of other multiracial individuals and building connections and relationships through those lived experiences!

I truly believe that human connection is the heart of building communities, and that is precisely what I aim to achieve through the Kaleidoscope Project. By allowing individuals to illustrate their experiences and how that has shaped them through photography and personal narratives, I hope to demonstrate the power of strengthening and connecting members of a community through shared identities and stories.

The Kaleidoscope Project, by Allysa Foot

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