andrew mcmasterHey Gauchos! My name is Andrew McMaster and I am a fourth year student here at UCSB.

My project is focused on trying to understand how students in college grow into mature, independent adults both in and out of the classroom. Your time in college is about much more than simply going to classes and taking tests; it is also an opportunity for students to dip their toes into the real world and find out what it is really like to be in charge of your own life. What experiences do we have during our time at this school that help us come to see ourselves as confident young adults, ready to take on the world?
My research will be presented in a three part series focusing on the individual, the student body, and the institution of the university. I am excited to dig into this topic, and get closer to understanding how we can better prepare students to enter the driver’s seat of their own life.
Entering the Driver’s Seat: College and Growing Into Independence, by Andrew McMaster

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