Chelsea Brandwein
Erika Carlos

Chelsea Brandwein
 & Erika Carlos
Project Title: All Worked Up: Inside the Lives of Working College Students
Project Description: Our collaborative research project will examine college students’ labor on and off campus. Students perform many of the critical functions that keep universities and their communities running, but scholars have not yetconsidered the texture of student workers’ lives, the reasons they work, and the potential for exploitation. We will use primary and secondary research to explore undergraduate labor, taking UCSB as our case study, while also researching labor policies that affect student workers at the UC and national levels. We will present our results—in a multimodal digital space, in print, and at an academic conference—for various stakeholders: students, faculty, administrators, activists, and scholars of academic labor.
Faculty Mentor: Heather Steffen


Ben Campbell
Project Title: Mathematics and its History Retold for the General Public
Project Description: The dual goals of this project are to convey the rich history of mathematics and to communicate the beautiful nature of mathematical thinking to a general audience. I will write four pieces that bridge the gap from the earliest Greek logics to the advent of the Russell Paradox and that provide an intuitive understanding of abstract mathematical thinking.
Faculty Mentor: Deborah Harris-Moore


Alex DeSanto

Alexandra DeSanto

Project Title: Nuisance, Convenience, or Assistance? The Rise of Emotional Support Animals and its Consequences – A Multimedia Project
Project Description: I will examine the growing popularity of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) using journalistic strategies to gather primary and secondary research. The final product will be a form of convergent journalism, in which text is supplemented by images, videos, audio/podcasts, and information graphics.
Faculty Mentor: Janet Mizrahi



Steenalisa Tilcock
Corinne Guichard

Corinne Guichard & Stennalisa Tilcock
Project Title: Spectrum 60th Edition Anthology
Project Description: We will produce and promote the 60th edition of Spectrum, the longest-running literary journal in Santa Barbara and the UC system. This 60th edition will be an anthology of the best work from the past decade of Spectrum publications. In addition to producing a physical journal, we will also redesign the website and promote the journal via social media, advertising, and a presence at the annual Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference. Our primary goal is to lay down the foundation to return Spectrum to its previous state of national recognition through more rigorous promotion and an increased online presence.
Faculty Mentor: Kara Mae Brown


Quincy Lee

Quincy Lee
Project Title: Meeting of the Waters
Project Description: This project explores the art and practice of travel writing, moving from an analysis of contemporary and historical examples of this genre to the production of a travel narrative documenting my trip to Manaus, Brazil. With funding from the Raab Writing Fellowship and other sources, I will travel to Manaus with the goal of writing and presenting its story, via the metaphor of the meeting of the waters, at the RWF final project showcase.
Faculty Mentor: Kevin Moore



Andrew McMaster

Andrew McMaster

Project Title: Entering the Driver’s Seat: College and Growing Into Independence
Project Description: This is a creative examination of how students come to see themselves as autonomous individuals during college, particularly through important life experiences outside of the classroom. I will create a podcast and a long-form digital article based on student interviews, and I will also include recommendations for UCSB as an institution to support student growth.
Faculty Mentor: Patrick McHugh



Isabel Steffens

Isabel Steffens
Project Title: How to Optimize the College Experience
Project Description: In this project, I leverage my past experience in ethnography and data collection to perform qualitative and quantitative research on how various types of people optimize their college experience. I will explore how different factors of higher education such as major, study abroad experience, work experience and GPA, impact salary and what industry an individual ends up working in.
Faculty Mentor: Auli Ek


Amy Tsang

Amy Tsang
Project Title: Hidden Villa of Isla Vista
Project Description: This project has two parts, both of which are intended to invite more interaction between UCSB students and the elders living at Friendship Manor in Isla Vista. First, I will organize an exhibition, possibly at the UCSB Library, featuring portraits of the residents. Second, I will create a webpage to streamline the volunteering process for students to get involved with the elders at Friendship Manor.
Faculty Mentor: Cissy Ross


Erika Wadsworth

Erika Wadsworth
Project Title: Faces of Homelessness
Project Description: For this project, I will work directly with the local homeless community in Isla Vista, and possibly downtown Santa Barbara as well, to develop a booklet that incorporates their experiences and stories. The purpose of this project is to humanize some of the most overlooked and forgotten members of the Isla Vista/Santa Barbara community as well as to comment on the ethical and philosophical implications of the homeless situation in the United States today.
Faculty Mentor: Caren Converse